Emergency Dental Care

If you’re in pain and need an emergency dentist, we’re always here to help. The Whites Dental Care team can accommodate same-day treatments for new and existing patients.

Dental emergencies can include:

Man holding jaw experiencing emergency dental pain image

I’ve Knocked Out a Tooth - What Do I Do?

Broken and knocked-out teeth require fast action. Locate the tooth and store it completely submerged in saline, contact solution, milk or tap water with a pinch of salt.  Aim to visit us within the hour or the local hospital so the tooth can be reinserted.

When Should I Go to the Hospital?

If you’re experiencing severe swelling or you suspect a broken jaw, go straight to the hospital. However, tooth-specific problems are usually best treated by an emergency dentist.


For same-day emergency dentistry in Neutral Bay contact our friendly team of family dentists now.

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