Dental Crowns and Bridges

Our crowns and bridges are custom made in an on-site dental laboratory for optimal strength and aesthetics. Restorations created in a proper dental lab by a qualified and experienced dental technician have better aesthetics, are better fit and are more durable for everyday wear and tear. Plus, our close proximity to dental technicians means shades can be taken and checked easily and special case adjustments made prior to fitting.

Selecting the best materials for your crown or bridge means we don’t compromise the future health of your smile. Although it takes slightly more time (one extra appointment), the trade-off is worth it when it comes to what’s best for your teeth.

What to Expect

Getting a crown or bridge usually requires two different appointments about one to two weeks apart. During your first visit, we’ll numb your affected teeth so they can be prepped and have enough room for the restoration to fit on top of them. From there, we’ll take a mould of your tooth and put a temporary crown over it while the permanent one is being made. When your permanent restoration is ready, we’ll remove the temporary crown and bond the final crown/bridge into place.


Whether you need a crown or bridge, or you want a second opinion, get in touch with us for an assessment.