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View the cosmetic and orthodontic results our dentists have achieved for patients with complex cases.

Composite Bonding

Patient wanted to improve the appearance of her chipped front teeth to achieve a natural looking smile.

Services performed:

Composite tooth bonding to build up the chipped tooth area and create a natural looking aesthetic.

Crowns + Veneers + Composite Bonding + Whitening

Patient wanted to improve the appearance of her smile.

Services performed:

  • 9x Emax ceramic crowns on upper-teeth
  • Minor gum contouring
  • Composite bonding and whitening on lower-teeth

Implants + Crowns

Patient was born with congenitally missing lateral teeth. He had received orthodontic treatment to create space for dental implants.

Services Performed:

  • 2x dental implants
  • 2x Emax ceramic crowns


Patient’s front tooth broke as a result of a sporting accident. Tooth sustained nerve damage.

Services performed:

  • Root canal therapy
  • Porcelain crown


Patient wanted to improve the appearance of his smile.

Services performed:

  • 10x porcelain crowns to upper-teeth


Patient had congenitally missing lateral incisors and her ‘canine teeth’ were shifted to the position of the missing laterals by the orthodontist. Crowns were placed over the canines to make them appear like lateral teeth.

Services performed:

  •  2x Emax crowns on upper-teeth

Crowns + Composite Bonding

Patient required significant restorative and cosmetic dental work.

Services performed:

  • 5x Emax crowns on upper-front teeth

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