How to look after your oral health as restrictions are lifted across the state

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Over the past couple of months, our lives have changed dramatically with COVID-19 sweeping the world disrupting how we work, play and live. To combat the virus, restrictions were put in place and we were all encouraged to practice social distancing, isolate if we showed any cold or flu symptoms and quarantine ourselves if we had returned from overseas. As dentists, we were forced to close our doors to our patients, only being allowed to see emergency cases.

However, with the COVID-19 transmission rate being relatively low, restrictions have been eased, meaning we can now open and welcome back patients as long as they are fit and healthy and we continue to follow the guidelines.

While we ease back into it, keep up the hygiene

And we think it’s safe to say that hygiene has never been so important – the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to readjust the way we approach our hygiene practice. Now, it’s about keeping vigilant when it comes to social distancing, washing our hands regularly and being mindful of those around us when we cough and sneeze. But as dentists, it’s important to note that this should extend to your oral health as well. After all, if the eyes are the window to the soul, then perhaps the mouth is the mirror of your overall health and wellbeing?

With dental practices starting to open across the state, you might find yourself waiting a little longer for your appointment. So what can you be doing to maintain your oral health in the meantime? Here are our four top tips to keep your hygiene in check, while you wait for your next check-up.

1. How clean is your toothbrush?

Toothbrushes can harbour all sorts of bacteria and germs. Therefore it’s imperative that you never share your brush with someone else and be sure to thoroughly clean your toothbrush after use. If you’ve been unwell or you’re feeling under the weather, it’s best to replace your toothbrush straight away, otherwise, you should be aiming to use a new one every three to four months.

2. How’s your dental routine looking?

Keeping up your oral hygiene is a surefire way to look after your overall wellbeing. And given that coronavirus is still very much a part of our lives, now’s the time to ramp up your daily dental maintenance. We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride-based toothpaste. It’s best to brush your teeth in a circular motion along the gumline – there’s no need to brush aggressively, just thoroughly. We also recommend flossing between your teeth daily.

3. How does your diet affect your oral health?

It’s pretty tempting when you’re staying at home binging on Netflix to rely on those sweet treats and comfort foods. And, whilst they taste delicious, these snacks aren’t always the best option when it comes to your health – particularly your teeth. Sugary drinks, lollies, chocolate and foods with high acidity can wreak havoc on your smile, so try to limit them as best as possible. As always, enjoy everything in moderation.

4. Staying hydrated is important

If you’re staying at home as much as possible, it’s important to keep your fluids up and if you’re feeling unwell, be sure to drink plenty of water. When you’re sick you can lose more fluids than normal causing dehydration as you try and fight off that cough or cold. You may even experience ‘dry mouth’, whereby you lose the ability to produce enough saliva. With more bacteria in the mouth, this can increase the risk of tooth decay and gingivitis, so be sure to stay hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of H2O day.

We’re ready to welcome you back

At Whites Dental Care, we’re open and ready to see our wonderful patients as we can now complete all dental treatments. Of course, we’ll be taking extra precautions due to COVID-19, including verbally screening everyone before appointments and continuing to adhere to social distancing restrictions. If you’re ready to make a booking, please reach out to our friendly team today.

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